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Love the yellow cloud of spring!

Young, Foxy & Free stickers at #SCAD, perfect for your bike.

We’re happy to share this info about wonderful photography at the High Museum of Art! “Picturing New York” features 150 works from the Museum of Modern Art, and “Picturing the South: New Commissions from the High Museum of Art” presents work by three photographers — a project that was recently covered in a beautiful article in the New York Times. Thank you High Museum for your support of Young, Foxy & Free; we hope to have you in our pages again for a Fall 2012 issue!

Hey, check out this ad in Flagpole Magazine! We all need to go: to Whole (it’s upstairs by Community in downtown ATH—above Jittery Joe’s on the corner of Broad Street and Jackson Street). See how it has a radiant love heart around our logo? Hope for agoldensummer and Madeline have been in our mag. We love them, endorse them, and say the same for Don Chambers. The new Hope album “Life Inside the Body” is the reason for it all. Go!

Farm Cart is back! Get farm fare on wheels April 24 until November. Weekdays 11:00am-2:30pm at Farm 255’s patio and at the Athens Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (Bishop Park near Normaltown). Follow Farm 255 on Facebook and Twitter to get daily Farm Cart updates. The cart will also come to you—available for weddings, parties, events; email for info about Cartering. Farm 255 and Farm Cart have been solid supporters of Young, Foxy & Free. "Be a Revolutionary. Worship the Wheel. Eat at Farm Cart."

We say: don’t miss this!


Fred Birchmore rode his bicycle around the world (Norway to Saigon) in 1935-36 and wrote a book about it. His bicycle is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. He and his wife of 72 years, Willa Dean Stuckey Birchmore, have lived an adventurous life based in Athens. Mr. Birchmore donated 25 acres of land to Athens’ Memorial Park. He died today at the age of 100. This photo is from our profile of him doing his YMCA workout routine in spring 2010 at the age of 98. Thank you Fred Birchmore. (Photo ©2010 Michael Lachowski.)

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