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Received in the mail today: an Ashley Anderson shirt featuring the Green Man from his piece “Cabana Fever” in the spring Young, Foxy & Free. Get yours at Society6 for $18.00.

Come to our ATL launch party for our spring poster issue. We’ll have unfolded one-sided prints of the beautiful poster that Ashley Anderson created for us, and Ashley will be there to sign one just for you! It’s at Beep Beep Gallery along with art by Christopher Chambers and Jason Kofke, 696 Charles Allen Drive just off Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Check it out! Young, Foxy & Free founder and publisher Michael Lachowski is now the public relations person for the Georgia Museum of Art. Soooo exciting for Michael to be employed in the art world—officially! Come visit, become a member, view art in your town, make art, love life!

We lucked out and got to Savannah in time to see this big exhibit, Candy Coated, by Ann-Marie Manker at SCAD’s Pinnacle Gallery. You can see her work now in the new Young, Foxy & Free!

Check out our generous and faithful partner Big City Bread in ATH for breakfast, lunch, Monday-Saturday dinner, and Sunday brunch. Also bread and pastries to go, Red Mule Grits, art on display, a spacious dining room and the best patio in Georgia. Big City Bread really appreciates what we do; we think you will appreciate them!

Our new friends from Aint-Bad Magazine, editors Caitlin Moore and Taylor Curry, at the exhibit “Fact and Fantasy: Beaded Narratives by Nancy Hooten and Kym Hepworth” at Indigo Sky Community Gallery in Savannah.

Our cover artist for the new spring poster edition, David J. Kaminsky, seen with his work at Kodo Gallery below Ellis Square in City Market, Savannah. We brought magazines here and other hot spots around SAV, still getting it out there with the help of The Soda Shop and other local friends.

Detail of the Green Man's face.


Young, Foxy, & Free - Spring Poster - “Cabana Fever”
Digital collage of salvaged game imagery
18 x 24 inches

Young Foxy and Free recently asked me to design a poster for their Spring issue and I was beyond happy to make something excellent for them! This issue also features the work of Anne-Marie Manker, David Kaminsky, and musical wunderkinds Reptar.

YFF is a free creative quarterly magazine in Atlanta, Athens, Savannah and online. So if you happen to live in any of those cities and you’d like a copy of this, I recommend you keep your eyes peeled or, if you’re extraordinarily adamant, you could probably ask the good folks at YFF where they’ve deposited the goods!

©Ashley Anderson

It’s coming! Featuring Ashley Anderson, Ann-Marie Manker, Reptar, and David J. Kaminsky — plus 13 great ad partners!

Reptar contributed to our spring poster edition 2012 and right now it’s at Big City Bread in Athens, more locations coming soon!

Trek Matthews with his laptop. He’s doing a large fox in Cabbagetown for Living Walls. See it and his work here.

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